DNA Science: A First Course (by David Micklos, 2003)

This is probably the best single source of information on Genetic Science published in the last decade or so! The book is quite comprehensive and covers bot genetics research history, cold theory and lab practice methods and techniques. This book goes into great details about DNA and links to the actual experiments and how the resulting discoveries were made – the book delivers an up to date collection of 12 rigorously tested and reliable lab experiments in molecular biology. All of the material is supported by great illustrations and the topics are very clearly written. However the book is not suitable for “For Dummies” audience, but more towards people with a serious interest in the field, who are ready to memorize a lot of information and have a mature and analytical/reasoning skills. The reader also much have a basic understanding of chemistry and biology to understand the informations. As a prerequisites for better understanding of the informations in the books is that the reader was taking Honor/AP biology in advance. Highly recommended book for readers in high school!

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