Biochemistry (by Mary K. Campbell, 2011)

This Biochemistry book reflects the most recent developments in molecular cloning, stem cell research, virology and immunology. The latest book edition is ideal for those studying biochemistry for the first time as it balances scientific detail with readability. A unique magazine insert, “Hot Topics in Biochemistry,” introduces the latest advances in the field. The learning text are supported with state-of-the art visuals that help clarify the biochemistry concepts. The book introduce “Biochemical Connections” pages that aims to demonstrate how biochemistry affects other scientific and practical fields, such as health and sports medicine. I found that these “special” pages brought up some very interesting and thought-provoking issues. In-text questions provides an early check up of what you have learned and thus help you master key concepts of biochemistry. In addition each chapter has sets questions grouped by problem types that can really help you master problem-solving skills. The book is a true contender of Lehninger’s Biochemistry!

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